Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 10

Nothing really new to report in on, other than Carrie is 10 weeks today, almost done with the 1st trimester, woohooo! Morning, ahem, all day sickness is still in full swing, although thus far there hasn't been as much throwing up as there was with Nora. Carrie's mother is coming to town this Friday, normally spouses would dread having the mother in law stay for 2 weeks, however, I can't wait! House will be cleaned, dinner will be made, she's welcome to stay for the next 18 years as far as I'm concerned!

Speaking of the mother-in-law, she bought Nora a wonderful present that appeared on our doorstep a few days ago...

Castle of death         

Nora absolutely loves her new Castle complete with swing, however, she has almost died twice while playing on it. The first time she fell off the slide, hitting her head on the fake wood floors we have. The 2nd near death experience, or NDE as I like to call them, involved her standing on the swing backwards and then falling off and landing ever so gingerly on the floor.

She's a trooper though, she gets back on and keeps on keeping on...

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  1. If there is not a chance of bodily harm to her grandchildren she would not have gotten it. At least no broken bones.