Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Morning sickness

Let the good times roll!! Morning sickness is here in full swing. Although the term morning sickness should be more like all day sickness, good thing I'm a dude. We were hoping that because Carrie was just pregnant not so long ago her body would be accustomed to all the hormones flooding her system, boy were we wrong! Zofran, vitamin B6 and Unisom are Carrie's BFF's at the moment. Although nothing really takes away the nausea feeling, it just keeps her from puking, sounds fun!

So for all the guys out there that might be reading this, Carrie has compared her morning sickness to that of a hangover after a night of good drinking. You know how you feel after waking up from a night in which you were mixing alcohol such as tequila, purple hooters, beer, and pink....never mind...imagine waking up after that fun night and now feeling like you're about to puke, and when you do puke you only get relief for about 5 minutes before you feel like you're going to puke again. That's the visual I got from Carrie when I made the mistake of suggesting to her that maybe mind over matter would work.

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  1. Oh man, mind over matter? You're lucky she didn't punch you in the nuts! I say the same thing, pregnancy is like the worst hangover you have ever had, and it lasts for 3-4 months. Plus, you can't just lay around, you still have to take care of kid(s), go to work, cook dinner, clean house, etc etc.