Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 10

Nothing really new to report in on, other than Carrie is 10 weeks today, almost done with the 1st trimester, woohooo! Morning, ahem, all day sickness is still in full swing, although thus far there hasn't been as much throwing up as there was with Nora. Carrie's mother is coming to town this Friday, normally spouses would dread having the mother in law stay for 2 weeks, however, I can't wait! House will be cleaned, dinner will be made, she's welcome to stay for the next 18 years as far as I'm concerned!

Speaking of the mother-in-law, she bought Nora a wonderful present that appeared on our doorstep a few days ago...

Castle of death         

Nora absolutely loves her new Castle complete with swing, however, she has almost died twice while playing on it. The first time she fell off the slide, hitting her head on the fake wood floors we have. The 2nd near death experience, or NDE as I like to call them, involved her standing on the swing backwards and then falling off and landing ever so gingerly on the floor.

She's a trooper though, she gets back on and keeps on keeping on...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Background color

So in creating this blog I just realized that the background color is blue....that in no way was planned or thought out. A possible sign....only time will tell!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Morning sickness

Let the good times roll!! Morning sickness is here in full swing. Although the term morning sickness should be more like all day sickness, good thing I'm a dude. We were hoping that because Carrie was just pregnant not so long ago her body would be accustomed to all the hormones flooding her system, boy were we wrong! Zofran, vitamin B6 and Unisom are Carrie's BFF's at the moment. Although nothing really takes away the nausea feeling, it just keeps her from puking, sounds fun!

So for all the guys out there that might be reading this, Carrie has compared her morning sickness to that of a hangover after a night of good drinking. You know how you feel after waking up from a night in which you were mixing alcohol such as tequila, purple hooters, beer, and pink....never mind...imagine waking up after that fun night and now feeling like you're about to puke, and when you do puke you only get relief for about 5 minutes before you feel like you're going to puke again. That's the visual I got from Carrie when I made the mistake of suggesting to her that maybe mind over matter would work.

Doctor's appointments

So we're 8 weeks into this pregnancy and so far have had two doctor's appointments. Two because the first one was to confirm Carrie was in fact pregnant, and a follow up 2 weeks later because apparently we found out Carrie was pregnant right after conception. We thought she was about 6 weeks pregnant, however, the first ultrasound only said 4 weeks pregnant.

So after the first ultrasound and a very slow two weeks going by, we nervously went to the 2nd appointment in which we took Nora...we learned. Although it was kinda funny when Nora started crying when the doctor started to examine Carrie. Anyway, the 2nd ultrasound showed a very healthy heart beating and growth consistent for two weeks having gone by, woohoo!

Great News!

Welcome to the Konings baby blog part deux. I, Ryan, am in charge of this blog this time around as Carrie did the blog for Nora which can be viewed here. I wanted to do this blog as a record for us to look back on as I did with Nora's blog....ahhhhhh how technology has changed, no more pen and paper journals, now the whole world can see! It should be interesting how this blog changes over time as I get more seasoned at "blogging". This is my first attempt at a blog so be patient.

 So we found out that Carrie is knocked up....again...on August 15th. This came as a very pleasant surprise to us due to taking so long with Nora. We wanted to wait for a little bit before telling anyone the news, which for those of you that know us, was quite difficult. I think we made it like 2 weeks before telling anyone.

 A very faint but visible second line