Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great News!

Welcome to the Konings baby blog part deux. I, Ryan, am in charge of this blog this time around as Carrie did the blog for Nora which can be viewed here. I wanted to do this blog as a record for us to look back on as I did with Nora's blog....ahhhhhh how technology has changed, no more pen and paper journals, now the whole world can see! It should be interesting how this blog changes over time as I get more seasoned at "blogging". This is my first attempt at a blog so be patient.

 So we found out that Carrie is knocked up....again...on August 15th. This came as a very pleasant surprise to us due to taking so long with Nora. We wanted to wait for a little bit before telling anyone the news, which for those of you that know us, was quite difficult. I think we made it like 2 weeks before telling anyone.

 A very faint but visible second line

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